Corporate Wellness

photo-corporate.jpgA branch of Healthcare Complete focuses on corporate wellness, which is comprised of a group of health care professionals from all disciplines.

We donate time each week to speak to companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations in St. Louis about various health and wellness-related topics. We provide the tools that enable individuals to make healthy choices, as well as take long-term preventative measures. Our goal is to empower, educate, and enlighten our community.

arrows.jpg Reduce Employee Sick Days

arrows.jpg Increase Employee Productivity

arrows.jpg Reduce Job Related Injuries

arrows.jpg Increase Employee Morale

arrows.jpg Reduce Employee Turnovers

arrows.jpg Increase Company Profitability

arrows.jpg Reduce Health Care Cost

arrows.jpg Increase Wellness Awareness

Our Expertise

Our team of professionals is comprised of  chiropractic physicians, health and wellness coaches, fitness instructors, nutritional counselors, acupuncturists,  dentists, as well as massage therapists from all over St. Louis.

Our Pledge

We make choices everyday; whether good or bad. Unfortunately in today's world people do not necessarily make the right choices as it pertains to their health. That is why our health care team is dedicated to helping everyone perform at their optimal level of wellness. Whether it be through educational seminars, hosting FREE health screenings, or providing care - we are dedicated to help our community make great choices.

Corporate Wellness Programs

photo-workshop.jpgIn today's business world, small companies and large corporations alike are faced with many challenges. No matter where the revenue is coming from, the most important asset are your employees. Having health conscious and physically fit employees, equates a workplace with fewer sick days, less stress, and a more creative, profitable and productive company.

Corporate Wellness is an interactive, informative way for your employees to learn and maintain a healthy, physical and mental body. We supply top of the line doctors in the health field to speak on today's health topics. Corporate Wellness goes one step further. We provide your employees with special blocks of time throughout the day that matches their schedules for doctor visits, chiropractic care, health screenings, etc.

Through preventative and natural methods, we help each individual overcome seemingly-harmless physical and mental issues now, rather than letting them grow into unmanageable and costly problems - not just for them, but the company as a whole.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "When I first came into Healthcare Complete, my neck and back were messed up from an auto accident. Since my treatment started I have the full rotation of my neck again. I was waking up daily with tension headaches that I could do nothing about. The headaches are almost completely gone! I am excited to see how I will feel when my treatment is complete!"
    Auto Accident-Headaches and Neck Pain-Bobby
  • "When I came into Dr. Casey's office I limped in on a cane. I could hardly walk. Within 2-3 treatments the cane (and the pain!) was gone. My condition will require lifelong treatment, but I am confident in Dr. Casey's care. I have tried other chiropractors but I will only go to Dr. Casey and his team. THEY ROCK!!"
    Low Back Pain-Paula
  • "My awareness of spinal care has been dramatically enhanced since begining treatment here. Also, I understand as we age our mobility is reduced. This is somthing you can overcome with the knowledge provided by the Healthcare Complete Team!"
    Mobility and Age-Ron